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Sunday, December 12, 2010

July 2010: Lynette Bounty

Featuring and Written by:
Lynette Bounty

In 1968, I was taken in the hospital with medical issues. They had diagnosed me with Leukemia, but the radiologist took plenty of X-rays and found a tumor very large in my belly area. After running more test, they determined it to be a Wilm's tumor - they started Radiation but discontinued it after one month because it was killing me. The doctor at that time told my mom and dad I had only 6 months to live, so my parents chose to find another team of doctors.....Dr. Andrew Kilgus, Dr. Carl Adams, and Dr. Richard Corley. They became not only my doctors but part of my family. They did surgery and after 50% of the shrinkage before surgery, they took a tumor the size of a football out of a three year old, removing my kidney and spleen. I then had Chemo every three months. After six months, the cancer was back into my lungs. Oh my goodness that meant more treatments. I then had 67 treatments of cobalt, then back to chemo every three months for a year, then every six months for the next three years. By this time I was 1st grader. They finally told my parents I was in remission!!

In 1985, I felt a knot in my throat area, so I by passed my new doctor (since I was too old to have my pediatrician) and went straight to my surgeon. Dr. Adams ran test and we decided to remove that tumor. Oh my, not again! They found cancer. Thyroid cancer but they removed the whole tumor and the tissues around the tumor were clear. The tumor was more in the center. So I only needed follow ups, no treatments.

In 1990, I was having stomach pains that were doubling me over a lot. I went to the doctor, he told me it was just stress seeing I had just got married six weeks ago. Didn't agree with the doctor. So again, I by passed the doctor and went straight to the surgeon. Which his nurse at that time knew that if I did call, I wasn't playing and something was wrong. We did tests and oh my the tumor on my remaining kidney was bigger than the kidney itself. More surgery and to top that one - I couldn't get on a transplant list because it was cancer. So I was put on dialysis - three days a week for three hours. I was one of the lucky ones. With no kidneys usually dialysis takes longer - but I am a patient that listened to my doctor. I ate everything they told me to eat and stayed away from everything that they told me not to eat. Plus, I didn't have any other medical issues that go with some of the complications of dialysis.

In 1992, I felt another lump in my throat. What the heck? Another tumor on the remaining side of the again. My surgeon had retired and a new surgeon came into my team - Dr. Fred Braastad.

In 1993, during follow-up, we found some tissue that had some cancer cells in it. No surgery this time. We were going to try Radiation Iodine. Since I was on dialysis and had no means of voiding the Iodine and had to wait for dialyses, I had to stay in a room all alone and no visitors because I was with Radiation. They came to me in protective suits - and with this container and told me that I have to swallow this pill. Wait, swallow a pill that you is causing you to wear a protective suit and mask? What the heck are you really giving me? So after about hour, I felt my throat area starting to swell a little bit, then everything started tasting nasty. Yuck - my food was brought to me and placed on a table by the door, then I could walk over there and get the food, only after the person was away from the door. Dr. John Carrol - my cousin, came into my room with no protective suits on and he helped me deal with this - I was scared and really afraid to ask my doctor things. Not that he was not a good doctor, but I was one of those that didn't ask questions.

In 1995, my sister and I went thru a transplant - yeah yeah yeah -

Since then, I have has some little bouts of cancer in little areas. Each time I have gotten through them. I am so afraid that when Dr. Corley retires I won't know another reconstructive surgeon anymore. He has been with me since I was three - and I can even go to him with personal issues and he listens.

I know that my scars are there for a reason and I know that I am a miracle child. And I welcome anyone to get in contact with me if you need a shoulder to lean on, or someone to talk to. I can give parents the topics that kids go thru when they are diagnosed with cancer.....So please contact me

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